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Gym Essentials by Floriane

6 Week Booty Program

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The goal of this program is to help you “shock” awake those sleepy glute muscles...

And get a nice butt faster without injuring yourself.

But really, it does more than that…

Here are 7 other benefits to it:

  • Develop Powerful Hamstrings and quads. The reason why this is important, even though it may not be for you, is because they help your butt grow even faster! The 3 major muscles in your lower body are your butt, quads, and hamstrings. And they need to work in balance to prevent injury and also maximize the growth of your butt.

  • Build “Wonder Woman” Core. Okay, you’re not gonna’ get ripped like Wonder Woman in a matter of 6 weeks. But if you follow these exercises for 6 weeks, I guarantee you your core, abs, and lower back will be so much stronger. So much more powerful. And so much more stable than before. And this is important as it supports other exercises that directly grow your butt. Without a strong, powerful, and stable core, your body will be “flimsy”. A “flimsy” body does not support the fullest butt exercises in this program. So do them! And you will have a beautiful midsection, along with smooth growth of your butt!

    • Skyrocket Your “Lactic Threshold”. Now - I know you didn’t come to this page to be a nerd and learn about “lactic threshold”. But if you picked up a trend by now, the goal is holistic development. Which then, gets your “butt growth” to spike even more. That happens because every part of your body connects to each other. When one part of your body wins, the others also grow as a result. That said when you boost your “lactic threshold”, you’ll be able to work out without going into a fit of asthma. More calories burnt. Extra rolls melt away. Your jawline, butt, and waist start to look more athletic. All these...using exercises that require no equipment, no gym, and no working out every day. 

    • Better Posture. Do you sit all day? Is your posture starting to crack as you age? If so, then working your butt, core, hamstring, and quads will fix that. Stand up taller and more confident. Show the world who you are. 

  • Here’s the unexpected benefit: No more back pain. This program also helps you reduce back pain by improving your hip mobility. Again, what is hip mobility? The simpler way to say it is how flexible you are around your hip area. When your hip is “stiff” it means there are “muscular imbalances” in your body. This causes lower back pain and other types of pain as you get older. Why live a life filled with pain when you can easily fix it? 90% of the time you can fix this pain at home without seeing an expensive physiotherapist. In fact, physiotherapists endorsed some of these exercises! 

  • Bulletproof yourself from injury. When your butt muscles are not activating the way they should, you put all your joints from the waist down at risk. This program changes that!

  • And here’s the best part… More Empowerment. Picture this. 6 weeks from now, you’ll wake up every morning feeling supercharged. All thanks to your new routine. You can’t wait to see what fun exercises are awaiting you today. You can’t wait to take a “gym selfie” that finally pleases your own eyes. The “before” and “after” look completely different from one another. Not only because of the looks, but there’s something else different in the “after” photo - your aura of confidence. It’s like it shoots out from the picture. Whenever you’re in the fitting room, you spend a few more minutes there because you enjoy seeing yourself in the mirror. Finally, the mirror stops failing you. Even better, you stop feeling like you failed yourself.

  • What’s Everything Included In The Program?

  • The “Principle Of 4”. 4 workout sessions per week. 40 mins in each session, training over 40+ different muscles from the waist to the toe.

    • 28 Exercises. These exercises are not only simple, they are also fun. You’ll never repeat them in the same week. Each session feels like opening a new cereal for breakfast every morning. You’ll never get bored.

  • 38 Video Step-By-Step Tutorials. Zero chance of messing up the workout. Perfect for beginners and pros!

  • Progress Sheet. Progress in your exercise means more butt growth. But how would you know if you’re making progress if you are not tracking them? This simple-to-use progress sheet allows you to track your exercise reps so you know exactly how fast you are improving and growing.

  • 99.999% Injury Risk-FREE. Along with the progress sheet comes the “additional notes” and “form cue” sections to guide you. My 5+ years of experience on paper. It would be as if I was training you in person without you paying thousands of dollars.

  • Bonus #1: Email Access To Me. Now, this was not originally part of my program. But a little personal touch wouldn’t hurt. So if you have any questions using this program, shoot me an email.

  • Bonus #2: Nutrition Consultation. If you just rubbed your eyes, wondering if you read that wrong - no you haven’t. For $70, you get the program itself, and nutrition consultation with me. Here’s how this works. After your payment, you’ll receive an email within 48 business hours to book your consultation. Consultation on video call. We will discuss everything that will help you get towards your goal (e.g. bigger butt and a smaller waist, etc.). Any goal. We will be discussing topics such as your current daily calories, macronutrients, and micronutrients intake. The nice part about this is you also get to see the real face behind this program (my face, if you care)!

  • Bonus #3: Post 6-Week Evaluation. I will not leave you and high dry. 6 weeks later, we will discuss your experience. What worked. What didn’t work and etc. We will also discuss taking your goal to the next level. Whether that be through a comprehensive training program. Or continuing with what you’re doing.



    Care Instructions

    - Machine wash cold

    - Hang to dry

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Ashley Smith
    Amazing Program

    As a beginner to working out at home, I never thought I would be able to complete a workout program fully, at my house, with the only motivating factor being myself. However, when an anxiety attack landed me in the hospital, the doctor that treated me made it clear that something had to change, and that was going to include really increasing the amount of physical activity in my daily life. Of course, the first person I turned to was Floriane, who I have purchased apparel from in the past. She created a wonderful plan that fit right into my hectic lifestyle (full time job, full time school), and I was able to complete it even with everything going on in my life. My core is now smooth, strong and I don't find myself dying every time I climb up a flight of stairs. I feel more confident, I feel like I can wear clothes that show off my legs and tighter pants as I am so happy with the improvement in my booty and legs. I am also much more motivated to complete my new program, which I purchased immediately after completing the initial 6 week program. The exercises were challenging but easy enough to complete without heavy knowledge of working out, and it felt amazing to check off the week after each workout. Floriane was helpful and flexible when it came to changing exercises that didn't fit into the program for me, or adding exercises when I progressed and things became easier. I definitely recommend this program for anyone looking to make a lasting change in their health, as it was a perfect starting point for me in my fitness journey. Thank you Floriane!!!

    Kaitlin Ramsdale
    6 week Booty Program

    I did Florianes 6 week booty program, it was amazing. The program was super easy to follow and Floriane had great alternatives if I needed it.

    I was able to grow my booty even with the gyms being closed. Great program:)

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